Osteoarthritis affects 27 million Americans and is the leading disability in older adults. Athough age is a risk factor, the diagnosis is not inevitable due to age. The disease is caused by a breakdown/lost of the cartilage that holds joints together. If there is too little cartilage it will cause bones to rub together, causing pain and stiffness. 

Are you between the ages of 40 and 80 years old?

Have been suffering from tender and swollen knee pain?

Do you believe you might have Osteoarthritis of the knee?

Have you been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis?

Willing to participate in a research study on investigational medicine?


You might be eligible for our Osteoarthritis study.

Please give us a call at (210)227-1289 to find out more about  our Osteoarthritis study.

Signs and Symptoms 

  • Pain and stiffness of joints (hand, knees, hip)

  • Tender and warm Joints

  • Swelling

  • Limited range of movement

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