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Man Carrying Child in Arms

Child Anemia


Child Chronic Kidney Disease

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Child Diabetes 

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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

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  Diabetic Neuropathy 

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Adult Diabetes 

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Back Pain 

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Celiac Disease

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Child Asthma
Child Constipation
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Chronic Kidney Disease 


Crohn's Disease

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Clinical Research Studies at Sun Research Institute


Our trials are overseen by the FDA and conform to their standards of good clinical practice. These research studies allow us, along with our research participants, to help advance the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a number of medical disorders.


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Who can be in a clinical trial?


Healthy people and/or people with the condition being studied can volunteer. Each study has its own set of strict requirements for volunteers.


Volunteer requirements such as age, specific medical condition and current medications will be determined by our examining physician prior to participating in the study.


All benefits as well as any risks will be explained to volunteers during the informed consent process.


What if the medication does not work for me?


Your health and welfare is always of primary importance and certainly while you are on a clinical trial. If the study medication is not helping your medical problem the physician will take you off the program.


What if I already have a doctor?


You will continue to see your doctor for all non-study related illness and to discuss your participation in a clinical study. At the end of the study, with your permission, we will provide copies of all testing performed on you to your physician.


We encourage you to discuss your possible participation in a clinical trial with your physician. Our physicians are available to answer any questions they may have regarding the trial.


Do I have to pay? Will you bill my insurance company?


No, there is no charge for any study medication, exams or testing. In most studies, you will be paid for your time and travel.


You are not required to have medical insurance coverage. We do not collect any insurance information from you and we do not bill your insurance.